Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the difference between INVISI-GARD and the equivalent products on the market?

    A: Equivalent products use a different grade stainless steel than INVISI-GARD.  The grade of stainless steel that is used in other systems has the potential to take on a "stained" appearance - commonly termed "tea staining".  This is due to galvanic corrosion (aka cell corrosion, or electrolysis).  This occurs quite commonly in coastal areas due to the moisture in the air. INVISI-GARD Stainless Steel Security products do not require screws or any other form of mechanical fixing to secure the mesh into the perimeter frame.  As a result, the potential for corrosion through dissimilar metal contact is avoided.

  • Q: Is installation included in the price?

    A: Every quote we provide has installation and GST included.

  • Q: Do you deliver outside the Brisbane metro area?

    A: Yes, we have installed anywhere from Caboolture to Kingscliff.

  • Q: What is the difference between a single lock and a triple (three-way) lock, and what are the benefits?

    A: A single lock secures the door in the central position of the door only.  A triple (three-way) lock secures not only the centre of the door but the top and bottom, ensuring it a much more difficult task for any would-be intruder to attempt to peel back the grille of your door and gain entry to your home.  We install triple locks on all our INVISI-GARD doors as a matter of course. 

  • Q: I have a pet that likes to scratch or damage my door - what can I do?

    A: We supply small, medium and large pet doors to enable your pet to enter and exit at their (or your) leisure. Other products we carry is "paw-proof" mesh, stainless steel flyscreen mesh and aluminium mesh, all of which are hardier and able to withstand a pet’s punishment.  If they persist however, for instance if you have a strong dog or a climbing cat, we would suggest replacing the 7mm grille and mesh with a piece of ALU-GARD, while still using the existing doorframe.

  • Q: Can we have our screens installed in stages?

    A: Yes you can.  We understand that most people are on a budget.